Ryan Geiger Photography is an Equine photography business based in Delaware, Ohio. RG Photo shoots shows across the USA, while also offering a wide array of other services. 

Services include Farm Shoots, Ad design, Senior pictures, horse show coverage, and more. 

Our Philosophy

A great picture starts with a great moment. While this may seem like common sense, in today's age of photoshop, Instagram, etc it's easy for many photographers to get lost in "building" a picture rather than capturing one.

At RG PHOTO we believe that an image is more than great lighting, but rather showcases an experience or memory in vivid detail.

Our Story

RG Photo is headed by Ryan Geiger. An avid horseman and photographer. Ryan grew up in the horse industry, and was fortunate enough to meet some of the great equine photographers along the way. Ryan has worked for industry greats including Jeff Kirkbride, KC Montgomery, Larry Williams, and Shane Rux. Ryan continues this work, as well as offering his own services with collaboration from his Family. Riley Geiger (Ryan's sister) and Lexi Rehm (Ryan's Girlfriend) both closely collaborate and assist in all RG PHOTO endeavors. We look forward to continuing our story with people like you soon!