0 Candids18 AMHR Aged Stallion, 3 & Older- Over 32" to 34"22 AMHR Stallion Two-Year-Old- 33" & Under23 AMHR stallion Yearling- 32" & Under25 AMHR Stallion Junior Champion & Reserve- 33" & Under26 AMHR Stallion Grand Champion & Reserve- Under27 AMHR Amateur Halter Stallion- Under28 AMHR Youth Exhibiting A Junior Stallion- Under- 13-17 years56 AMHR Open Country Pleasure Driving- Under and 57 AMHR Amateur Country Pleasure Driving- Under59 AMHR Country Pleasure Driving Stake- Under80 Classic Senior Stallion, 3 & Older- 46" & Under and 81 Classic Stallion Senior Champion & Reserve- 46" & Under90 Foundation Junior Stallion 2 & Younger- 41" & Under91 Foundation Stallion Grand Champ. & Reserve- 42" & Under94 AMHR Aged Stallion, 3 & Older- Over95 AMHR Stallion Senior Champion & Reserve96 AMHR Stallion Two-Year-Old- Over 33" to 35"97 AMHR Stallion Two-Year-Old- Over 35" to 37"98 AMHR Stallion Yearling- Over 32" to 34"99 AMHR Stallion Yearling- Over 34" to 36"101 AMHR Stallion Junior Champion & Reserve- Over102 AMHR Stallion Grand Champion & Reserve- Over104 AMHR Youth Halter Jr. Stallion- Over- 13-17 Years (non-rated)111 Classic Senior Gelding 3 & Older 46" and Under141 AMHR Aged Gelding 3 & Older Over143 AMHR Gelding Two Year Old  Over 33" to 37"147 AMHR Gelding Grand Champion & reserve Over148 AMHR Amateur Halter Gelding Over149 AMHR Youth Halter Geldig Over151 AMHR Solid Color Stallion & Gelding Over153 AMHR Open Country Pleasure Driving Over156 AMHR Country Pleasure Driving Stake166 A Modern Amateur Pleasure Driving  46" & Under175 Classic Open Western Country Pleasure Driving 46" & Under182 Dressage Suitability in Hand183 Suitability for Dressage Under Saddle WT184 Suitability for Dressage Under Saddle WTC185-198 Dressage199 NSPPR Performance Halter Any Age, Any Sex205&206 Modern Pleasure Mare, 3 & Older - 46” & Under214&217 Modern Mare, 3 & Older – 46” & Under221 Gypsy 2-4 Year Old Gelding222 Gypsy 5 Year Old & Over Geldings224 Gypsy Youth Geldings225 Gypsy Amateur Geldings226 Haflinger 10 Year Old & Older Gelding228 Haflinger 3-5 Year Old Gelding229 Haflinger 2 Year Old & Younger Gelding231 Youth Haflinger Geldings235 AMHR Aged Mare, 3 & Older 30” & U239 AMHR Mare Yearling – 30-32”240 AMHR Mare Yearling - 30” & Under242 AMHR Mare Junior Champion & Reserve 33" & Under244 AMHR Amateur Halter Mare-Under245 AMHR Youth Halter Mare-Under252 Gypsy Weanling & Yearling Mares253 Gypsy 2-4 Year Old Mares254 Gypsy 5 Year Old & Older Mares255 Champion & Reserve Gypsy Mares256 Gypsy Youth Mares257 Gypsy Amateur Mares259 Haflinger 6-9 Year Old Mare260 Haflinger 3-5 Year Old Mare261 Haflinger 2 Year Old & Younger Filly265 Classic Senior Mare, 3 & Older - 46” & Under269 Classic Mare Yearling- 43" &Under & 271 Classic Mare Junior Champion & Reserve - 44.5” &278 Foundation Senior Mare 3 & Older - 42” & Under279 Foundation Junior Mare 2 & Younger - 41” & Under282 Gypsy Weanling & Yearling Stallions283 Gypsy 2-4 Year Old Stallions284 Gypsy 5 Year Old & Over Stallions286 Gypsy Amateur Stallions291&292 AMHR Aged Mare, 3 & Older-Over 34”-38”294 AMHR Mare Two-Year-Old - Over 35” to 37”296 AMHR Mare Yearling - Over 34” to 36”300 AMHR Amateur Halter Mare-Over301 AMHR Youth Halter Mare-Over304 AMHR Amateur Western Stock Halter-S:M:G-Over307 AMHR Multi-Color Mare-Over308 Supreme Champion Gypsy Vanner309 Supreme Champion Haflinger310 Miniature Horse Supreme Champion-Under311 Miniature Horse Supreme Champion-Over312 Shetland Pony Supreme Champion313 Gypsy Green Horse Pleasure Driving314 Haflinger Green Horse Pleasure Driving315 Gypsy Pleasure Driving316 Haflinger Open Working Pleasure Driving317 Gypsy Reinsmanship320 Haflinger Youth Pleasure Driving322 Open Pleasure Driving-Stallions:Geldings323-327 AMHR Carriage 38" & Under327A-327B Modern Carriage Driving330-333 AMHR Western Country Pleasure Driving - Und334 Youth 10 & Under W:T Pleasure E:W Gypsy:Haflinge335 Youth 10 & Under W:T HMS:EQ Gypsy:Haflinger336-339 Classic Country Pleasure Driving - 46” & Un345-349 AMHR Western Country Pleasure Driving - Ove and NSPPR Pleasure Driving350 Gypsy Green Horse English Pleasure W:T351 Haflinger Green Horse English Pleasure W:T352 Gypsy Youth English Pleasure W:T353 Haflinger Youth English Pleasure W:T354 Gypsy Amateur English Pleasure W:T355 Gypsy Open English Pleasure W:T356 Haflinger Open English Pleasure W:T357 Gypsy Youth Equitation W:T358 Haflinger Youth Equitation W:T359 Gypsy Amateur Equitation W:T360 Haflinger Open Equitation W:T361 Gypsy Youth English Pleasure W:T:C362 Haflinger Youth English Pleasure W:T:C363 Gypsy Amateur English Pleasure W:T:C364 Gypsy Open English Pleasure W:T:C365 Haflinger Open English Pleasure W:T:C366 Gypsy Youth Equitation W:T:C367 Haflinger Youth Equitation W:T:C368 Gypsy Amateur Equitation W:T:C369 Haflinger Open Equitation W:T:C370 Gypsy Hunter Hack370-371 Hunter Hack Jumping371 Haflinger Hunter Hack375 Modern Liberty377 Gypsy Vanner Liberty378 Haflinger Liberty379 Youth Showmanship "A" - 13-17 Years384 Amateur Showmanship "B" - Over385 COOL Showmanship - Mare or Gelding - Any Age - 3390 Classic Amateur Showmanship391 NSPPR Open Showmanship391A Modern Amateur Showmanship 46 & Under392 Gypsy Youth Showmanship 13 & Under393 Haflinger Youth Showmanship 13 & Under394 Gypsy Youth Showmanship 14-18395 Haflinger Youth Showmanship 14-18396 Gypsy Amateur Showmanship402 AMHR Amateur Hunter- Under404 Classic Amateur Hunter in Hand- 46" & Under405 AMHR Open Hunter- Open406 AMHR Open Hunter-Over407 Classic Hunter in Hand- 46" and Under415 AMHR Adult Jumper-Over417 AMHR Youth Halter Obstacle-Under420 AMHR Amateur Halter Obstacle-Over422 AMHR Open Halter Obstacle-Over424 Classic Amateur Halter Obstacle427 AMHR Open Obstacle Driving-Over441-443 trail block444 Gypsy Green Horse W:J Western Pleasure445 Haflinger Green Horse Western Pleasure W:J446 Gypsy Youth Western Pleasure W:J447 Haflinger Youth Western Pleasure W:J448 Gypsy Amateur Western Pleasure W:J449 Gypsy Western Pleasure W:J450 Haflinger Open Western Pleasure W:J451 Gypsy Youth Horsemanship W:J452 Haflinger Youth W:T Horsemanship453 Gypsy Amateur Horsemanship W:J454 Haflinger Open W:T Horsemanship455 Gypsy Youth Western Pleasure W:J:L456 Haflinger Youth Western Pleasure W:J:L457 Gypsy Amateur Western Pleasure W:J:L458 Gypsy Western Pleasure W:J:L459 Haflinger Western Pleasure W:J:L460 Gypsy Youth Horsemanship W:J:L461 Haflinger Youth Horsemanship W:J:L462 Gypsy Amateur Horsemanship W:J:L463 Haflinger Open Horsemanship W:J:L