Check out some of our most popular questions below:



When will the images be online?

We do our best to have images uploaded after each class, however some shows are extremely demanding on all members of our staff, and it may not be possible to load Images immediately.  In these cases we will get them uploaded as fast as possible. This usually is done within 1 day after the end of the show.

When are the images edited?

Images are not edited until after purchasing. When adding images to your cart, you may make notes/questions in the notes section of your shopping cart for specific edit questions/concerns. Images will be color corrected and cropped automatically after purchasing. All other edits must be requested.

Can I have the show logo added to my picture?

We add the show logo standard to Low-Resolution digital arena images. For printed images, we do not add the logo standard. If you have a different preference from our standard practice, please make a note when checking out and we will accommodate your request. 

How do I purchase digital fixes, etc?

Any edits available (Blur the Background, blackout the background, fix their tail, etc) can be found in the "other products" section of the shopping cart page. Please add them to your cart then make a note describing what exactly you want to be done and which image you want to be edited.

Why are your online prices different from the price sheet from the show?

There are significant costs associated with online orders so pricing sheets from the show are for purchases made at the show only, and may not necessarily reflect online pricing. 



Farm Shoots:

What’s the cost of scheduling a session?

Our costs can vary depending on the time and service requested. In general most of our sessions cost in the $250-$450 range (plus the cost of pictures), but this can be lower or higher depending on each situation. Please contact us to get a specific quote and for our current specials. Many of our packages include free prints as well, so please contact us for more info.

Do you charge Mileage?

Mileage is $0.50/ mile round trip.


Session Length?

We fully adapt to each client's needs. Times can range from a few hours to multiple full-day shoots.


Editing Services?

We offer a wide range of touch up services. All editing, color adjustments, and touch up services are included in our pricing for Farm Shoots.

If you are looking for Ad services, we can certainly help with that as well. Contact us for pricing and more info.